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PRLog (Press Release) Researchers square-off with skeptics over the controversial science of global consciousness and whether the terrorist attacks of 9/11 created a shift in our field of consciousness.

May 31, 2009 – The debate over whether a group of scientists have demonstrated evidence of a “global consciousness” continues. Skeptics have long charged that the science behind Dr. Roger Nelson and Dr. Dean Radin’s Global Consciousness Project is sub par. Now, those charges are being reexamined and the evidence suggests skeptics may have to back off.

Join host Alex Tsakiris when he interviews Dr. Roger Nelson of Princeton, and Dr. Dean Radin of the Institute of Noetic Sciences for a 45-minute discussion on the science behind global consciousness and how it’s misinterpreted by skeptics.

During the interview Nelson describes the how their worldwide network of random number generators measures this psi phenomena and the extraordinary results they witnessed during the terrorist attacks of 9/11:

Dr. Roger Nelson: “… it was from I think 10, or maybe 20 minutes before the first plane hit and continued for four hours after. That shows a significant departure from expectations in the measure that was specified formally. Because it was a big event, we naturally feel it’s sensible to look at the data and find out what the data looked like. Then that turns out to be striking in a number of ways.”

According to Nelson, the 9/11 event showed the largest change in the global consciousness pattern his group has observed. In response to charges of “data mining” Nelson explains how their methodology avoids such retrospective analysis. He also points out that many of the global events they track are know in advance :

Dr. Roger Nelson: “…on the order of half of the events that we have in the formal database of 285 are know ahead of time. So the formal predictions are laid down well before they occur… these are completely pure tests in terms of a prediction without foreknowledge. There’s no way anybody is going to change when New Year’s happens. ”

Audio and a complete transcript of the interview is available for free download at:

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