Brian Sullivan

1. Balance is bogus and you don’t want it.
2. Positive thinking doesn’t work, but optimists achieve more.
3. You always get what you are looking for – always. Even the negative things you give your time and attention too.
4. All significant breakthroughs in life must be preceded by a breakdown.
5. All goals are spiritual goals – including abundant material wealth and mind blowing sex.
6. You current bank account isn’t who you are it’s who you were.
7. When you pursue greatness, don’t expect others to support you. You ‘ll represent the courage, strength and vision they don’t have.
8. The greatest competition you will ever have is the competition between your disciplined and undisciplined mind. You must constantly study, understand, and immerse yourself in that which brings you value and power and avoid, at all costs, anything that weakens you.
9. Will power will never be as strong as your unconscious mind no matter what.
10. Be the real you. Whatever is suppressed will be expressed in later days in uglier ways.
11. If you don’t love yourself you’ll never attract a soul mate who truly loves you – not ever. When you think of yourself as unlovable in anyway, you are actually in love with that unlovable version of yourself. Your relationship can only reflect that.
12. C students often own the businesses that B & A students work for.

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  1. CashSolver Says:

    This is powerful stuff. Kinda agree with most of it except the first one. Not sure what that means

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