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Medium Tony Stockwell insists many of us have hidden psychic talents that can be developed with a little encouragement and practice.

So journalist By JENNA SLOAN met up with him to see if he could teach me to connect with the other side.

This is what she had to say of the experience in After stressing that belief is vital and that only those who have faith can succeed, Tony put me through my paces using exercises from his new show.

So would I discover my mystic mojo — or was it all a load of crystal balls?

Recalling his first paranormal experience, Tony says: “I grew up in Canvey Island in Essex and when I was eight I was playing with pals in the old war bunkers on the beach.

“Running through one, I saw a glowing, orange light that I knew was a spirit person. I wasn’t scared, more interested.

“Later, I went along to a spiritualist church. I loved it and found I had a talent for it. From the age of 19 I was giving demonstrations there myself.”

Now 40, Tony has written three best-selling books, appeared in three TV series and done five sell-out national tours.

He also helps police around the world with investigations.

“Most people have some intuitive ability,” he explains. “It’s like a muscle — you have to train and practice for it to work well.

“Even if you’ve never done anything like this before, with the right instruction many people will find they have some psychic skill.”

Hmm. At this point I fear Tony may have his work cut out with me. The only orange glow I remember from my childhood is from the bonfires on Guy Fawkes Night.

However, I am fascinated by people who claim to communicate with other worlds and I am not an out-and-out sceptic.

Tony starts my training by showing me two envelopes. He tells me that one of them contains a picture of a murderer, the other the victim.

I close my eyes and pick up the envelopes.

Tony says: “Relax, chill out, forget where you are and concentrate on your feelings. See if you can tell which person is in which envelope.

“Rub your hands over them and trust your instincts.”

The cynic in me says there is a 50/50 chance I will get it right but then, oddly, I begin to “feel sorry” for one envelope, while the other makes me angry.

After I reveal my response, Tony says: “Well done — you got them bang on. You felt sorry for the victim and felt the rage of the killer.” Perturbed, I open the envelopes and look at the pictures closely. I try to clear my mind and concentrate on my emotions again.

“Tell me what you feel about the killer,” Tony says softly.

For some reason, I sense a hands-on job and a strong smell of cooking oil.

I am stunned when it turns out the murderer was a chef in a hotel kitchen.

Maybe this psychic lark is easier than I thought. Next, Tony hands me coloured ribbon, then blindfolds me and asks me to identify the colours.

“This one is green,” I predict confidently. It’s red.

“How does this colour feel,” Tony asks. “Er, squidgy?,” I reply. I get the yellow ribbon right, but to be honest I think that was just a fluke.

Tony then shows me a picture of three elderly women and informs me that they were all together for a historic event.

He asks if I have any idea what that was.

I tell him I feel they survived the Second World War together, so I am a little deflated to I learn they actually all survived the sinking of the Titanic.

On this performance, I’d be fired in the first episode of his search for a psychic star. An exercise using an old sepia photo of a nine-year-old girl is more fruitful.

“You need to clear your mind, relax and get in touch with your feelings,” Tony says. “Don’t worry about looking silly. Just search your mind for emotions and tell me what they are.” Shutting my eyes, I try to clear my head and feel, well, anything other than foolish.

“I think she was taken from her family,” I say. “I don’t see blood but it’s scary and I think maybe she was beaten or strangled.”

Again, it feels like I’m spouting rubbish, but Tony confirms the little girl was murdered.

She disappeared after being abducted and probably strangled by a neighbour many years ago.

Great, so I’m rubbish at ribbons but totally tuned in to violent killings.

As my session concludes, Tony insists: “You did really well, much better than a lot of people. I had one person who thought those old ladies were all ex-drag queens, so at least you didn’t come out with that!

“If you attended one of my psychic workshop classes, I’d definitely mark you out as having lots of potential.”

My inner sceptic is screaming that, as a journalist, of course I can piece together bits of information and come up with some sort of story. And I have reported on enough court cases to know about the typical kinds of murders.

But as a wannabe psychic, I’m thrilled by Tony’s praise.

Perhaps my future is sitting over a crystal ball as a fortune-teller on Blackpool Pier.

I’ll have to ask Tony."

COULD you be psychic? Well Here is a checklist for you to check out your psychic skills:

Tony reckons with a little practice many of us can reveal our mystic powers. Here are his top tips . . .

Clear your mind of everyday noise and clutter. A meditation course is ideal but you can also play low, melodic music, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Your mind should begin to feel quieter.

To practise focus and discipline, pick up a flower. Blocking all other thoughts, focus on its colour and texture. Do not let outside interruptions into your mind.

Ask a friend to show you a photo of one of their relatives - living or dead - who you do not know. Hold the picture close, clear your mind and try to pick up on any emotions. Think about the person's personality and how they lived or died, then ask for feedback to see how accurate your impressions were.

Consider any strange or unusual occurrences that have happened to you which might be a sign you have psychic ability. Some psychics know they are different as they are aware of seeing people who others cannot.

One sign you may have psychic ability is hearing your name called by someone unseen or being aware of events before they actually happen, maybe through a dream.

Find out if you have any ancestors who may have had psychic ability. It is normally passed down through families.

To get in contact with someone who has passed on, gather possessions that belonged to them, such as jewellery or clothing. Breathing deeply, hold each item and remember what it meant to that person and imagine them with it. Slowly say their name to invoke their spirit.

Try not to feel silly or stupid when practising. The best psychics and mediums are considered different from the norm but their abilities can be life-changing, so recognise your skills as a gift.

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“We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act.”

“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.”
- Swami Vivekananda
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