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"Everybody has a billion dollar idea” says John Demartini “and its inline with their highest values.”
On April 23, I had the priviledge of listening to the Demartini message at the Brisbane Convention Centre. Brisbane, Australia. John Demartini is perhaps known to many because of his role in the movie The Secret, however he has walked his talk for 34 years teaching how to be the person you can be. A dyslexic told he would never amount to anything, he left school at 14 travelled across the USA to surf the waves of Hawaii where severely affected by strychnine poisoning he was inspired by health guru Paul Bragg with the mantra “I am a genius and apply my wisdom.” At the age of 18 John read his first book, the first of 28,000 volumes, went on to study chiropractic and leave an indelible mark in this field. He shortly will be acting as mediator in the middle East and Ireland.
Life was not all plain sailing for the young John Demartini. He guessed his way through a high school certificate and then a college entrance exam but came face to face with failure when he received 27% for his first assignment. It was his mothers certainty and love that reinvigorated his determination and belief that he could be somebody and every day he learned 30 words from the dictionary, tested by his mother. This led to his desiring to learn all he could, and an uncle, a professor from MIT, sent him to containers of books which he read 18 to 20 hours a day.

“There is no loss without gain” “There is no economic crisis but an economic transformation.”
Economies go through cycles and eventually come back to a mean. This is good, according to Demartini, as it brings down inflated prices, and just as new growth springs from the collapse of a huge tree in the forest, the opportunity arises for those who have managed their wealth well during the hard times and re prepared to take on challenges.
“It is challenges that make people great" says Demartini and for some the present uncertainty is a chance at magnificence. Innovators will develop new technologies to fill the niches formed by the new economy. The reality of the economy grounds us, and is forcing business people to again find out what the customer wants.
He predicts “not gloom and doom, but zoom and boom.”

The successful person learns to express his message in terms of the other person’s value system. The successful employer expresses his message in a way that matches his staff’s values thus inspiring them to work interdependently. In the same way, he must connect to the values of his customer if his service will be valued.
“Stress is the inability to adapt to a changing environment.” The giants of the future will focus on solutions and what can be done for the most people. Everyone feels satisfaction when they help others experience gratitude and love. By being grateful for everything we experience we are better able to help others experience their own joy.

“There is never a lack of money for any one who wants to serve” Think of a way to serve long term. However he adds the proviso: “If you don’t value yourself you won’t win.’
Two stories illustrate his point:
John Demartini travelled to give an interview at a radio station. He normally gives them on the telephone however, this interview promised an audience of 50 million people so he made an exception. He was surprised to find the interview was in a warehouse full of wall to wall recordings. For five decades Presidents, business people and entertainers had been interviewed. There was at least 11 interviews of Jimi Hendrix alone. Yet at the end of the interview he was asked by the embarrassed gentleman if he would make a $10 donation to keep the show running.
Here was atleast a billion dollars of marketable interviews rotting away. As John explained to the interviewer, the 11 Jimi Hendrix interviews would easily sell for a $100 copy.
The interviewers value was in information, not in making money.
A woman who was a gifted secretary developed a large network of business contacts and was often approached to help make connections. Once she realized her asset her income rose from $47,000 to over 1.5 million within a year.
We all have something within us, according to Demartini yet if money is not in our top 5 values we will always waste our assets on the other high priorities on our values list.
“The quality of our life is dependent on asking the right questions.”
It is questions that awaken us to opportunities. The word government comes from govern – control and ment – mind. Hence, government refers to controlling the mind. Do I control my own thoughts?
“When the voice and vision on the inside is greater than the forces on the outside, then you master your world."

“Its time for me to give myself permission to do something amazing."
Demartini quotes Foster Hibbard as saying that the number one thing that stops us is shame and guilt. That is pseudo-altruism.
True altruism is a medium of fair exchange. It is the offering of service and the combined belief that I am worthy being paid for it.

John Demartini believes there are no disasters, only opportunities. He believes that in every challenge in life there is something of equal or greater value. He offers as an example a woman who lost 2.5 million dollars. The woman was going to shortly retire and leave her husband. The event brought greater unity between the married couple and forced their children to become more independent. The collective emotional and spiritual gain added up in her mind as being far more value than the lost money. Once that realization hit home to her, the dreams she had pushed aside in life came to the surface and suddenly her new, even more profitable, career became a reality.
Life is a feedback mechanism to help us see the universe as it really is. For every negative search within to gain the insight to find the gain of equal or greater value than the loss. This requires honest experiential evaluation. A person blinded by infatuation sees the good only and a victim sees only the bad. With the right tools, john Demartini argues we can clarify our experience and see the blessing within the drama as we become truly authentic.

Man has both a spiritual and material quest. That is, knowing what is my service to the world and knowing that I deserve to be rewarded for that service. John Demartini encourages people to write a list of reasons why I deserve reward for my service. He even suggests writing out the negative ideas that come to mind so that these can be changed into positive affirmations.

He invites us to remember 3 basic social laws and take them to heart:
1. Parkinson’s Law: Work expands to fill the space and time available
In other words, iof I don’t fill my time with high value activities mt life will fill with low value distractions,
John Demartini recommends listing every single activity we do - everything – listing time spent and the reward obtained. Then evaluate your effectiveness.
2. Pareto's Principle: 20% of our activities get 80% of the results
3. Ricardo’s Law: Specialize in what you love and find people who love to do what you don’t.

Every single person can make a difference. Often it is by inspiring others to follow our own success. Although the media highlights polarized swings of opinion, the masters of the new economy remain focused and disciplined in pursuit of their vision.
To give ourselves permission to be extraordinary we must focus on high value, high priority activities. They find problems and solve them. People who run away attract “all kinds of crap” to their lives.

How Do I discover My Passion?
What is it that we will do even if it is painful for us? What is it that we want to do that is congruent with our higher values? If it is not consistent with our values it will die the death of intense infatuation.
“I can’t wait to get up in the morning to go to my lab to make one more discovery before I leave this body” said Linus Pauling to John Demartini on the phone.
At a major University Campus some lights were going out around 6:30 PM. It was explained that was the PHD’s. The professor Emeritus’ turn their lights off around nine, he was told. Then pointing over further “but those lights will be on way after midnight – there the Nobel laureates.”
People who have passion don’t work less, but they love the work they do. They focus on what is possible and not on what is not working. Rather than being held back by problems we need to walk through the fear and turn on the light.
If we feel stuck we need to ask a new set of questions.
Am I master of my own destiny?
John Demartini recommends writing 1000 reasons to serve, reasons to save money, invest money and build a fortune.
What is it that so inspires me that I could keep doing it and never retire?
If we develop the passion for our dreams then we can make a difference.
“You can make Piggy Banks into Biggy Banks if you just stick to it.”
By asking evaluative questions of all areas of our lives we can see the possibilities in ourselves and in others. We need to see reality and honestly appraise our situation, not exaggerate or minimize our self.
One useful tool is to examine the qualities of people whose success we would emulate. John Demartini points out that invariably we find that we already have these characteristics within us, yet we have not clearly seen that they are already a part of and available within us to use.
By consciously redefining our values we can tap into hidden reserves. If I set goals congruent with my values I will succeed.

“It takes no time or effort to be at the bottom,
but we need an inspiring vision to reach for the stars.”

“Serve more,
Save more,
Be methodical and consistent.
Build for an eternity”

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Brian Sullivan

Do our genes control our health? Epigenetics research challenges the conventional beliefs about genes and reveals the role of emotion on our bodies and health. In this video, author and cellular biologist Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. explores the importance of perception in maintaining optimal health.

Yet perhaps this information requires us to consider our roles as social beings. Science has always been (mis)used to justify social and economic realities. Each individual is a collective of billions of cells, and the modern world is forcing us to recognise that we are universally connected.

Formerly social Darwinism suggested that the fitter survived at the expense of percieved inferior societies. The growing intedependence within society is negating the relevance of thse comparisons. Now unilateral conquest could result in social and ecological catastrophe.

The worlds greatest successes are now those that network as partnership. Will we go beyond partnerships that exist only as long as I win out, or can we develop an equality of kindness. Can we learn to exist as once society, just our cells collectively exist within our bodoes? Can we learn from the synergistic relationships of nature?
Our ever shrinking global village may depend on our ability to connect and work together. Yt with all the experts and knowledge available we need our hearts to respond to the light of pure altruism. Perhaps it is time we reflect on the collective unity of nature and to develop within ourselves an image of the world we desire.

As Mohandas K. Gandhi stated: "We must become the change we want to see in the world"

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Brian Sullivan

If you know about the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) then I am willing to bet you know about the EFT World Summit led by brother and sister team, Nick and Jessica who made the EFT documentary
Try It On Everything have the excellent EFT podcasttry it on everything (formerly
Sadly though there are a few ruffled feather in the camp. EFT founder, Gary Craig, is not a part of the EFT Summit.
Mr Craig gives his reasons in his blog accusing the EFT World of misleading advertising, because it is not an event sanctioned via his organisation. Gary Craig points out that " The mere title gives the impression that this event is somehow sanctioned by EFT” “pirating” EFT’s popularity into a “questionable event” that “works against the EFT Community and not with it.”
I understand that as EFT is a trademarked there is an issue with the name. However, I think that the EFT World Summit will do EFT a lot of good. I have enjoyed most of the speakers and found the free material very informative.
EFT is a very easily learned technique and is in Gary Craig’s own words “a forgiving modality’ hence it can work with a lot of variation. However, some of these new approaches, although very effective, have resulted in changes to the accreditation process for practitioners.
I respect Gary Craig’s ability to systematized distill the EFT process from its original Thought Field Therapy origins under Roger Callahan. Gary has done a mammoth job in promoting his work and has helped revolutionize healing. You can download a free manual and in minutes be using the method in a basic form and have access to superb information. Nevertheless, I feel that perhaps Gary is too close to the situation. EFT is his baby after all, his not being invited is in a way a slap in his face and yes there are legal issues. The situation reminds me of my involvement with Bowen Therapy. You have Bowtec, an organization that took the technique of therapist Tom Bowen and widely spread it, that claims it is the original as if others are somehow an apostasy. Having seen the manuals for differing approaches in the Bowen Therapy field, the tribalism is not warranted. In the EFT world its important not to fall into that trap. There have been similar fusses over other issues in the past - the movie “The Secret” for example … and ..and …
Given time to settle the fuss usually was not worth the effort.
Now Gary Craig has generally had an open hand policy, and he deserves credit for this. However, some of Gary’s criticism is wrong. He criticizes the EFT world Summit for saying its free and complains ‘It's free ONLY if you listen at prescribed times. Otherwise, you must pay up to $197 to get this package.“
I am sure Gary is sincere, however he is partly wrong – you have a whole 24 hours before the next day’s offerings. If you have an email link the original offerings are still available. I listened for free and learned a lot. True some presenters are better than other, however I don’t accept the criticism that it is a “classic bait & switch type of marketing subterfuge” and an “insulting marketing tactic’. No one has to pay the money. If they want they can. Yes you can get extra’s for cash, so what’s the crime? It does not, in my opinion make EFT “look schlocky” as Gary Craig claims. Why is it wrong for a practitioner like Carol Look, for example, to publicize their material? Gary claims you “won’t see this sort of selling on the EFT Website because cheesy marketing like this is waaaay outside our ethical boundaries.’ What about Brad Yates or Carol Look or … … the list goes on of EFT practitioner who uses the net to publicize and offer webinars for people who join a mailing list. Then there are others who have also promted EFT in the Ortners EFT documentary- Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Dr. Norm Shealy
Bruce Liption to name a few
. The fact is bright lights and fancy gimmicks do get attention.
I think perhaps the “crime” is the use of the name EFT. There is a trademark issue here, however, criticizing the names “EFT World Summit” as wrong because 88% of the speakers are in the USA is like complaining that the U.S. baseball world series must be renamed because it’s not in Australia.
There is one part of Gary Craig response that I consider very fair. “Only 5 of the 17 are EFT Certified. Thus 70% have no official EFT credentials.” He claims that three of them have twisted the technique and he considers 2 of the ‘expert’s’ beginners. Ok a fair concern, however, the technique is so simple is it essential to have a certificate to be effective? I recognise the need for quality control among pratitioners, however, it would be better for Gary to listen to the ‘experts’ on these free sessions that he criticizes and explain why their technique if it is faulty on an individual basis. People will respond if they are shown why Gary’s approach is right. Saying I’m Gary, founder of EFT and so I know they are wrong is not a complete argument. If it were science would never have progressed. Nothing would be improved upon. Showing how something can be done better is a far more positive and uplifting response.
Actually, I think the EFT World Summit will ultimately be good for EFT.
I love history and one thing I have seen repeated is that the more a person complains about an innovation, a philosophy, a new religion etc, the more publicity it gets! The EFT world Summit has publicized EFT and added some excitement back in the field. Complaints against it by Gary Craig’s organization will only encourage more to check the Summit out, not hinder it.
My suggestion is if someone does not like the EFT World Summit then do a better job at making regular EFT events. Competition can have the effect of exciting innovation.
Speaker John DeMartini pointed out that there is no such thing as a one sided magnet. There is a positive and a negative. For every disaster there is an opportunity.
Now, Gary will probably never see this blog, however, I ask him anyway: Look at what the EFT World Summit did right, grab hold of that, improve expand and grow on it and make the EFT Community even better.
Please tap away your frustrations Gary and return the focus to the EFT technique. EFT is a great tool and the more who use it the better.

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Brian Sullivan

Film eng from on Vimeo.

Can you change your destiny? Besides the regular physiological genes in us, there are also informational genes. These informational genes emerge in us consecutively, in much the same way a computer behaves where at each given moment a new task is being resolved. I am the one who is in command of how to realize each new state that emerges in order to reach unity and balance with Nature.

If I am ready for this, and if I desire to realize my spiritual gene correctly and in the right direction, then there is no need for me to be hit by a car. I’ll be able to do this by performing some minor good act. However, when I start to deviate from this goal, thinking that I am doing well, but in fact I am not familiar with the real law and Nature’s true direction, then I immediately fall under the influence of a negative corrective force. It comes to me in the form of suffering and corrects me.

This is why we need to know the direction of Nature’s plan and follow it. Humanity’s main problem is that each person thinks s/he knows how to live and behave, and suppresses everyone accordingly. As a result, we only do harm to ourselves and to one another. We have evolved to a level where we are all completely interconnected and united, and this interconnectedness must be taken into consideration.

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Brian Sullivan

The Jerusalem Post

"Kabbalah Today" uses mass media to hasten final redemption

by Matthew Wagner

Ushering in the end of days might seem an ambitious goal for a tabloid, but the publishers of Kabbalah Today aim to do just that.

Widespread dissemination of Kabbalah, Judaism's esoteric teaching on the origins of creation, will get all of humanity over the last spiritual hump separating it from final redemption, according to members of Bnei Baruch, an organization headed by ontology professor Michael Laitman.

"Right now we are in a stage in humanity where everyone should make the final correction," says Chaim Ratz, executive editor of Kabbalah Today.

"So far more traditional methods managed mankind's basic egoism and self-centeredness," says Ratz, who grew up on Kfar Blum, a secular kibbutz in the northern Galilee. "But today we have reached such extreme levels of egoism that the traditional methods simply do not work."

According to Ratz, man's most basic drive, the pursuit of pleasure, is also the source of all of humanity's problems. And Kabbalah is the cure.

"Kabbalah has the power to eradicate egoism and transform an individual into a more community-wise, altruistic human being," he says.

Ratz says Bnei Baruch's Kabbalah is based on the teachings of Rabbi Yehudah Ashlag as explicated in The Sulam (the Ladder), an exegesis on The Zohar, Judaism's central mystical text.

However, unlike Ashlag and his son Baruch, who strictly followed Orthodox Jewish practice, members of Bnei Baruch are not obligated to do so.

"At the center, we keep the halacha," says Ratz. "And Prof. Laitman says that doing so helps improve the positive impact of Kabbalah's teachings. But it is not essential. Whatever works for you is legitimate."

Close to 400,000 copies of Kabbalah Today are distributed for free in English, Russian and Hebrew in Israel and America either once or twice a month.

The Hebrew edition of Kabbalah Today, called Kabbalah L'Am, which is published every other week, is distributed at intersections, street corners and coffee houses, and as an insert in Haaretz .

A few thousand copies of Kabbalah Today in English are distributed in Israel. Circulation is about 50,000 in Mexico, Canada and the US. Around 65,000 Hebrew editions are put out in Mexico, Canada and the US, most as an insert in the US edition of Yediot Aharonot .

Bnei Baruch's approach deviates from traditional Jewish conceptions about the study of Kabbalah.

According to Rabbi David Batzri, whose father, Yitzhak, heads Yeshivat Hashlom, a respected Kabbalistic Yeshiva in Jerusalem, there is a prohibition against the widespread dissemination of Kabbalah.

"Kabbalah contains many secrets that must not be revealed to the public," says Batzri. "It is for men who have learned the tradition Jewish texts such as Talmud and the Shulhan Aruch for many years. "Only at the age of 50 may one begin, except in very rare cases."

Batzri, who says he is unfamiliar with Bnei Baruch, does agree that at the end of days more and more people will begin learning Kabbalah.

"That is because they will be spiritually prepared to so. But you can't put the wagon before the horse," he says.

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Brian Sullivan

When we observe our surrounding Nature, we discover

that the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels
of Nature are all driven by inherent instincts. These actions
are not considered good or bad; they simply follow
the rules imbued within them, in harmony with Nature
and with each other.
However, if we observe man’s nature, we will find
that it is essentially different from the rest of Nature.
Man is the only creature that can take pleasure in exploiting
others and in seeking sovereignty over another. Only
man receives pleasure from being unique, apart from,
and superior to others. Thus, man’s egoism breaches
Nature’s balance.
Kabbalst Michael Laitman

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Brian Sullivan

In the human system, our desires, thoughts and actions inescapably influence each other.

This law connects all individuals at every level, at all times.

Any interaction is an expression of this law.

When an individual is focused on self interest, it forces the others to do the same, creating conflicts within the system.

These conflicts are amplified at the global level.

Interconnection is constant, man's attitude can change.

Clearly, changing the attitude from self concern to global concern affects the whole system positively and ensures its survival.

This is the law of interdependency.

"But at the end of the day, we all have bigger problems, right?"

Do we?

Interdependency + self concern = crisis.
Interdependency + global concern = harmony

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Brian Sullivan

Yoga eng from on Vimeo.

The world’s most prosperous countries also host the highest rates of depression, suicide, and drug addiction. There are people who cannot cope with the feelings of despair and emptiness, even when their lives are filled with all kinds of material abundance. At the same time, there are other people who are content while maintaining their lives with a minimum of material necessities. There are also some people from Europe who move to India or other places in the world, hoping to suppress their egoism to a lower level and learn to be satisfied with little.

The smaller is the ego, the easier is a person’s life. As a person descends to the animal level of existence, s/he feels better in life. However, the more a person develops, the more the ego increases, and the harder everything becomes. A highly developed level of egoism leads to the most pressing and basic questions about existence, and these questions demand answers. At every given moment (although we don’t realize it) each person chooses his/her own path of development. Humanity’s constant egoistic development forces us to look for the answer to an ambiguous question: “Why do I exist?”

The answer though, does not lie in tricks, drugs, or ways to calm ourselves down. The answer can be discovered only by discovering all the worlds and the entire scope in which we exist. Each person’s development will inevitably bring humanity to this final state. In other words, if we don’t connect with Nature’s general system, which controls our world, we will bring ourselves closer to a state that will be worse than death itself. This is why we need to start understanding and discovering this general picture of the world on a level that allows us to remain safe and comfortable.

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Brian Sullivan

Cant finish? Want to Quit? Why keep going? Why don't I slow down? So you need a little motivation.

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Brian Sullivan

Puppet eng from on Vimeo.

We are all puppets and the Puppeteer is the highest force of Nature. Nature’s general law is to bring creation into complete harmony.

Our freedom is in understanding the Nature’s plan. Freedom is when we achieve total balance, absolute equality among all the parts, and ultimate harmony like in one body. Understanding this Plan of Nature and wishing to achieve it is what constitutes our freedom of will. For this, we must comprehend the world we live in and the extent to which we, as people together in society, are opposite to it.

If we strive for this goal through our own efforts, we won’t require blows of fate and various crises to push us from behind, forcefully leading us to recognize how we are all connected to one another. Instead, if we follow this path with our positive desires, our entire path of development will be enjoyable and fast.
How do we do this? Please view the other pages of this site, or take a course from the source where this information extends.

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Brian Sullivan

Published: January 22, 2009
Educators and policy makers, including Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, have said in recent days that they hope President Obama’s example as a model student could inspire millions of American students, especially blacks, to higher academic performance.

Now researchers have documented what they call an Obama effect, showing that a performance gap between African-Americans and whites on a 20-question test administered before Mr. Obama’s nomination all but disappeared when the exam was administered after his acceptance speech and again after the presidential election.

The inspiring role model that Mr. Obama projected helped blacks overcome anxieties about racial stereotypes that had been shown, in earlier research, to lower the test-taking proficiency of African-Americans, the researchers conclude in a report summarizing their results.

“Obama is obviously inspirational, but we wondered whether he would contribute to an improvement in something as important as black test-taking,” said Ray Friedman, a management professor at Vanderbilt University, one of the study’s three authors. “We were skeptical that we would find any effect, but our results surprised us.”

The study has not yet undergone peer review, and two academics who read it on Thursday said they would be interested to see if other researchers would be able to replicate its results.

Dr. Friedman and his fellow researchers, David M. Marx, a professor of social psychology at San Diego State University, and Sei Jin Ko, a visiting professor in management and organizations at Northwestern, have submitted their study for review to The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Dr. Friedman said.

“It’s a very small sample, but certainly a provocative study,” said Ronald F. Ferguson, a Harvard professor who studies the factors that have affected the achievement gap between white and nonwhite students, which shows up on nearly every standardized test. “There is a certainly a theoretical foundation and some empirical support for the proposition that Obama’s election could increase the sense of competence among African-Americans, and it could reduce the anxiety associated with taking difficult test questions.”

Researchers in the last decade assembled university students with identical SAT scores and administered tests to them, discovering that blacks performed significantly poorer when asked at the start to fill out a form identifying themselves by race. The researchers attributed those results to anxiety that caused them to tighten up during exams in which they risked confirming a racial stereotype.

In the study made public on Thursday, Dr. Friedman and his colleagues compiled a brief test, drawing 20 questions from the verbal sections of the Graduate Record Exam, and administering it four times to about 120 white and black test-takers during last year’s presidential campaign.

In total, 472 Americans — 84 blacks and 388 whites — took the exam. Both white and black test-takers ranged in age from 18 to 63, and their educational attainment ranged from high school dropout to Ph.D.

On the initial test last summer, whites on average correctly answered about 12 of 20 questions, compared with about 8.5 correct answers for blacks, Dr. Friedman said. But on the tests administered immediately after Mr. Obama’s nomination acceptance speech, and just after his election victory, black performance improved, rendering the white-black gap “statistically nonsignificant,” he said.

“It’s a nice piece of work,” said G. Gage Kingsbury, a testing expert who is a director at the Northwest Evaluation Association, who read the study on Thursday.

But Dr. Kingsbury wondered whether the Obama effect would extend beyond the election, or prove transitory. “I’d want to see another study replicating their results before I get too excited about it,” he said.

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Brian Sullivan

UCSD cognitive scientist Martin Sereno takes you on a captivating exploration of the brain's structure and function as revealed through investigations with new advanced imaging techniques and understandings of evolution. Series: "Grey Matters" [12/2005] [Science] [Show ID: 11186]

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Brian Sullivan

Professor Christopher Mitchell of Wheaton College opens the door to insights and events publicly observed in the lives of writers C. S. Lewis and J.R. R. Tolkien and their fascinating relationships with members of the literary elite. Series: Let There Be Light [8/2003] [Humanities] [Show ID: 7694]

(Note this is a large file)

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Brian Sullivan

Written by Ayn Rand

Narrated by Michael Scott

Ayn Rand, novelist and philosopher, was born in St. Petersburg Russia. From her earliest years, she felt alienated from the dark, brooding atmosphere of Russia, but loved the bright world projected in foreign magazine stories. At age nine she made the conscious decision to become a writer.
In addition to being a novelist, Ayn developed the philosophy of Objectivism, which holds that there is no greater moral goal than achieving happiness. But happiness fundamentally requires that one live by objective principles, including moral integrity and respect for the rights of others. The heroes of Objectivism are achievers who build businesses, invent technologies, and create art and ideas, depending on their own talents and on trade with other independent people to reach their goals.

Anthem is set in a distant collectivist future, when every form and emblem of individualism have been erased and society has reverted to a preindustrial level. In this novella, as many of her writings, Ayn dramatizes her philosophy of Objectivism in the main character. Its hero is a scientist in a world where the pursuit of knowledge is a crime, and he struggles against the established society to discover the meaning of individual freedom

Free Audio Dowload

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Brian Sullivan

Got An 'Angelina' Pout? Then Marriage Is Out
Research reveals your lips can forecast your relationship destiny

Do you have a 'promiscuous pout'? Maybe your mouth screams commitment without you even realising? Eyes may be the window to the soul, but research by Blistex, the lip guardian angels, has found lips are actually the best indicators for predicting a person's love potential.

The study found that:

Women with fuller lips are 28% more likely to be seen as just a fun date rather than marriage material
Men with thinner lips are 39% more likely to have a longer lasting relationship than men with full lips
Whilst women with thinner lips are 57% more likely to have longer relationships than women with fuller lips
88% of happy couples chose long-term partners with lips that mirrored their own
Men with fuller lips were 21.6% more likely to be rated as healthier
Women with fuller lips were 37.6% more likely to be rated as healthy
Adrian White from the University of Leicester explains,

"The finding shows that we are attracted to celebrities that have fuller and wider lips than our partners; we deem them to be more attractive. However, our relationships tend to last less time with people who have lips that are closer to our ideal. In other words, we find fuller lips more attractive but our relationships tend to last longer with people who have similar lips to our own."

"Blistex has always known how expressive lips can be, but this research proves how important taking care of your pout really is. A healthy and kissable smile really can determine whether you're set for some hot lip fun, or on the road to long term commitment," said Nick Lang, Blistex Brand Manager.

What your lips can tell you about yourself:

Large mouth:

Laid back, relaxed, easy, generous, enjoys being in the middle of life Famous examples: Julia Roberts, Jamie Oliver, Joanna Lumbley

Small mouth:

Independent, strong-willed, precise, great endurance and fighting-spirit Famous examples: Rowan Atkinson, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan

Full lips:

Emotional, passionate, sensual, expressive, talkative & outgoing Famous examples: Naomi Camphell, Richard Branson, Muhammed Ali

Thin lips:

Efficient, make clear and precise statements, achieving, disciplined, get on with life without fuss Famous examples: George W Bush, John Major, Robbie Williams

Blistex has taken some of our favourite celebrities and analysed their lips to see if their love will last or pass.


These two both have small to medium sized mouths with full lips. This lip shape indicates an interest in relationships and family, and a caring streak. Their matching mouths mean they are the perfect match and their love will stand the test of time if they settle down together.


Whilst this pair have similar lip size and fullness, their mouth shapes are different. Chantelle's indicates that she is emotional and outgoing, but perhaps self-centred. Preston's mouth shows refinement and elegance but appears hollow. We predict this combination may result in neediness or desperation on one side of the relationship that may be hard to overcome.


Cheryl's small mouth and full lips combined with Ashley's large mouth and full lips is a passionate combination. Cheryl's lips show she is strong-willed and sensual, Ashley's indicate an expressive and emotional man with expensive tastes. This pair's love will grow deeper over time as they support each other.


Wayne's small mouth and thin lips show he is independent and strong-willed, but guarded. Colleen's medium mouth and fuller lips indicate a sensitive soul with hidden strengths. Together this pairing will face many hurdles and communication could be a problem.

And what about those single celebrities? Can they expect to find lasting love this year?


Geri's small mouth and medium sized lips indicate a driven, ambitious and out-going person who is worldy-wise. These lips also show someone who is very needy and can try too hard, thereby scaring off potential suitors. People with these lips often stay single for longer and settle down much later in life once they mellow with age. It appears Geri is destined to stay single for sometime yet.


Robbie has a medium sized mouth with very thin lips that scream achievement but do not show any hint of joy. This is a man who is extremely un-approachable. Even those that think they know him, don't. Thin-lipped people are good at putting on a public face and often harbour deep secrets. Until he reveals a bit more of the true Robbie, he'll not find real love.


Denise's small mouth and full lips mean she is emotional, passionate and sensual. She is prone to whirlwind romances that often burn out once the passion is gone. However this lip shape also indicates optimism and courage, she doesn't find it hard to meet new people. Maybe her Prince Charming is just around the corner!

The results are based on 2500 ratings of women's faces by men, and 2500 ratings of men's faces by women originally conducted by Adrian White, University of Leicester, in July 2006
University of Leicester Press Release

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Brian Sullivan

Alana B. Elias Kornfeld Time Magazine Thursday, Mar. 26, 2009

Move over, organic, fair trade and free range--the latest in enlightened edibles is here: food with "embedded" positive intentions. While the idea isn't new--cultures like the Navajo have been doing it for centuries--for-profit companies in the U.S. and Canada are catching on, infusing products with good vibes through meditation, prayer and even music. Since 2006, California company H2Om has sold water infused with wishes for "love," "joy" and "perfect health" via the words, symbols and colors on the label (which "create a specific vibratory frequency," according to co-founder Sandy Fox) and the restorative music played at their bottling warehouse. At Creo Mundi, a Canadian maker of protein powder, employees gather around each shipment and state aloud the benefits they hope to imbue it with for their consumers--increased performance, balance and vitality. Intentional Chocolate, founded in 2007 by chocolatier Jim Walsh, uses a special recording device to capture the electromagnetic brain waves of meditating Tibetan monks; Walsh then exposes his confections to the recording for five days per batch.

We hear your eyes rolling. But some claim there's actually something to the idea that humans can alter the physical world with their minds, and they offer research to prove it. Dean Radin, a senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, Calif., conducted a test in which, he says, subjects who ate Intentional Chocolate improved their mood 67% compared with people who ate regular chocolate. "If the Pope blessed water, everyone wants that water. But does it actually do something?" Radin asks. "The answer is yes, to a small extent."

James Fallon, a professor of psychiatry and human behavior at the University of California at Irvine School of Medicine, is skeptical. "So I take a rutabaga and put it close to my head, and it somehow changes the food and improves the mood of the person who ate it?" he asks. "Nah."

Gimmick or not, in this economy any product that promises a spiritual pick-me-up could be in high demand. Since the recession, says Phil Lempert, editor of health-food site "everyone is ready to jump off a bridge." With the right marketing, he says, embedded foods "could be huge."

Still, not everyone is keen on the idea of packaging spirituality. Once the profit motive comes into play, "it's difficult to keep things pure," says George Churinoff, a monk at Deer Park Buddhist Center in Oregon, Wis., who was involved with Intentional Chocolate in its early stages. "Then [the product] may not be blessed in any way with motivation except maybe to make money."

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Brian Sullivan

You’ve heard about several memory enhancing techniques. Linking and associating, creating a story out of several items you need to remember. There are in fact, many ways how you can remember important information such as numbers, events, errands and names. The challenge is how to make all the information easy to retrieve, out of the top of your head in a random situation. How do you make memorisation stick?

Memory techniques work on anything that you like to master. There are things you may need to work on in memorizing something for the first time but all information has techniques on how they can all be memorized. It just takes a lot of interest and enthusiasm to be able to absorb all the information we want to understand and remember.

Creating an absurd and outrageous story from a list of non-related items will do well enough to stick in your head. What else is that it stays there in your memory the way the story is created, the chronological order and even the positioning of the character! The fun part about this technique is that there’s no limit to how you want to create the story and the sillier it is; the easier for you to remember it and the keywords that comprise it. The more action and the more absurd the more easily memorised it becomes.

Now you’ll say what if you need to memorize an entire chapter of items and information; surely you can’t create a novel out of this. True. But in fact, what you can do to get around this problem is to break down all the information you need to remember. Try to put the related or similar items in one cluster and name it. Do the same with the rest. You can also create acronyms out of the clusters you have made and then, create a silly story using the acronyms or the cluster of words you’ve created.

Once you have this ready, you can then associate mental images with the story and each key word you’ve made. It has been proven that the imagination, especially when there’s clear images associated with it works efficiently – efficient enough to be remembered. With pracitce vibrant imagery and memorisation will increase with ease.

Following these techniques for the first time may come a bit slower and difficult but practicing them can gradually increase your expertise over any memorization tasks. You can learn more important details regarding memorization improvement techniques at

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Brian Sullivan

Reality eng from on Vimeo.

We live in a multilayered, complicated world consisting of nested levels, one inside of another. Imagine one hundred and twenty-five nested boxes that are each of different quality. We currently exist in the lowest of them.

When we find ourselves in a lower box, we need to rise to a higher box, and then we develop and realize ourselves there, and desire to rise even higher, and higher, until we reach the highest state possible — which is outside all the boxes.

In this highest state, we unleash ourselves into infinity. All people will attain this stage as a result of their material and spiritual evolution.

How do we do this? Please view the other pages of this site, or take a course from the source where this information extends.

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