Brian Sullivan Yashar Kel, a contagious, upbeat song about finding the road to something greater than this world.
"Yashar-Kel" means "Directly to G-d".
All humans who have the will to know their creator are called Yashar-Kel.
Knowing your creator means understanding his ways - to love and bestow to all creatures in his creation.

"Kavana" means "Intention".
Praying means - wishing to change your intentions from your selfish intentions - to bestowal to your fellows.

People, don’t worry! The U.S. economy will rebound! As a nation of consumers, our bad habit will be our good fortune! Shopaholics across the country will simply adjust their buying habits according to market trends: Bad economy? Say hello to Frugal Chic! Global warming? It’s hip to Go Green! Armageddon? AWESOME! Imagine the "End Of Times Sale!”


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