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Have your own computer brain.

Well not your brain. A mouse brain actually.

Yes for your personal enjoyment you can have an open source, downloadable, multi-scale, virtual catalog of the mouse brain and its cellular constituents sitting on your computer.

Are you excited?

Animated by Drew Berry, The Whole Brain Catalog™ allows users to integrate data in a common multi-scale spatial framework.

You can slice through the brain, check out 3D representations of brain parts as well as cell and molecule models.

Of course if you’re not into 3D then go 2D as well. It certainly beats the old brain anatomy program I have here at home.

So if you want to watch high resolution brain imagery. Observe accurately simulated neuron, readily reseach neurology data or add your own brilliant research, then check out The Whole Brain Catalogue.

I wonder if it will reveal anything of Dr. Anna Katharina Braun's research demonstrating that growing up without a father actually changes the way your brain develops.

Hey whatever turns you on. Although if you are a little macabre and into Halloween (I'm not) you could make your own indestructable brain cake.

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-—Sri Swami Sivananda

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