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Kabbalah Congress in Antalya, Turkey A first Kabbalah congress of its kind, the EurAsian Kabbalah congress will bring two continents together under the common theme of "A United World Is The New Reality."

Eurasia Congress

This congress is open to absolutely everyone, whether new to Kabbalah or studying for years.

We especially encourage anyone who is studying with Bnei Baruch via the Bnei Baruch Learning Center on their own or through

In otherwords, go to and watch or listen for fee!

The Kabbalah congress experience includes lessons with Michael Laitman, cultural evenings, games for everyone, meals, songs, dancing and most importantly, multitudes of people from different ethnicities, languages, and background coming together at a common point of human unity! Also, the 7-star conditions will guarantee a most comfortable and enjoyable stay at the hotel for both adults and children.

The congress is taking place the Kremlin Palace, Antalya Turkey. We are expecting between 1500-2500 participants so make sure you register as soon as possible because places are limited!

“If you always cherish peaceful thoughts, the whole world will appear cool to you, but if your negative thoughts have spread their influence, then the world will seem to be a hot furnace. No circumstance compels you to cherish evil thoughts. Do not ruin yourself through imagination. It has no reality of its own.”

-—Sri Swami Sivananda

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