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Major Ed Dames reveals: * The REAL reason the U.S. government ended the controversial Remote Viewing Research Project, and what members of congress were afraid of “The Cold War beneath the Cold War” — Insights that Major Ed Dames and his team gained when spying upon the Soviets during the Cold War, and what the Soviet psychic team knew about them * How anyone can learn remote viewing and use it to do absolutely anything – including diagnosing medical conditions that no physician can detect and solving “cold case” crimes

* How remote viewing can be used to make money by accurately pinpointing the location of gold and predict the movement of stock markets

* The impending global pandemic that is dawning quickly upon humanity that you MUST know about and prepare for * And much, much more..

Listen Only If You Think You Can Handle The Truth…

MajorEd Damesopenyourmind.mp3

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