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1. Keep a dream journal - One of the key elements of lucid dreaming is to achieve dream recall. Normally, we wake up with a vague memory of some of our dreams that very quickly dissapear. We need to train ourselves to control our drreams if we are to control them.
Thats why you have a dream journal. You need to keep the journal by your bed and use it as soon as you wake up, Eventually your brain will develop the habit of remembering your dream long enough to record it.
2. Ask Youself Periodically during the day: Am I dreaming? I once even had a lucid dreaming CD that repeated those words while i slept. It worked.Ask yourself am I dreaming even in sleep, soon you will find yourself analysing the content of your dream as it happens.

3. Sleep in 90 minutes increments - not everuone suggests this. howvever, our sleep cycle is 90 minutes in length. In order to have a refreshing night’s sleep and to have the full extent of dreaming possible, we need to make sure we complete as many cycles as we can and not wake up in the middle of a cycle. This also helps dream recall.

4. Start dream checkingAs you draw closer to being able to have lucid dreams, your dreams will become more and more vivid and real like. There will be times when you will not know whether you’re dreaming or awake. You’ll need to work out a routine to help you realize when you’re dreaming and when you’re not. A good trick is to look at your watch every half hour. In dreams, the hands of a watch don’t move as they do in real life. Don’t ask me why, they just do. Being able to know when you’re dreaming and when you’re not is a vital step on the road to enjoying lucid dreaming on a regular basis. Follow these 3 steps and lucid dreaming will be just around the corner for you.

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