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Herein lies a delicate, intricate, and at the same time, wise and kind thought: Nature’s plan. We need to come to understand this thought and realize where it is leading us, instead of attempting to constantly run away from the suffering. The crisis is a digression from the correct goal of nature, which we in turn experience as correction. However, if we do not view this correction properly, as a correction that is bringing us onto nature’s correct path, and instead we try to steer in a different direction, then the next time, we will trigger an even greater negative reaction, a deeper crisis, and a greater correction onto ourselves.

However, if we begin to correct ourselves even slightly, if we wish to change because we will not be able to survive otherwise, even if we simply desire it in our thoughts, we would reach correction and equivalence with nature. Imagine a young child who didn’t want to do what was right, and then made a decision to do as his parent wished in order to avoid hardships. The moment the child makes this choice, the attitude of the parent towards him changes.

The current blows and the crises that are storming down upon us are of a global nature. They are directing us to a global goal. Humanity has grown to a state where we all have the opportunity to realize this, and as such, we are now able to make the right choice.

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