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In this riveting TED talk, Dan Pink makes a case for why everything we think we know about motivating people to achieve success is wrong – and then reveals the one thing that actually works. Watch this important video now (and you’ll also get the secret to the candle problem)…

Why is this TED talk important? 

As Tellman Knudson observed: "First of all, in my experience, it’s completely true. Personally, I am never motivated to achieve successor solve problems by some “reward” I will get at the end of it all." 

I’m not motivated by getting a bigger paycheck. I’m not motivated by the thought of a 3 day weekend or a big, shiny sports car (hey, those don’t really work in Vermont anyway ;)…

So what DOES motivate me? 

Exactly what Dan Pink talks about here: Doing something amazing for the sake of doing it. Solving “unsolvable” problems just because someone said I couldn’t. Improving the lives of others. Really. I’m not joking about this. It’s a serious matter. 

And here’s why this is a serious matter for YOU. 

Because if you are, or are even thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, you’re NOT going to be solving a lot of those straightforward, mechanical-type problems that work well with the carrot/incentive model. Nope. 

As an entrepreneur, you get to solve a LOT of the “cognitive thinking” types of problems. Those puzzles that have no obvious answer. The ones you have to be at the top of your mental game for. And if Dan is correct (and I believe he is), a big juicy carrot is not going to help you one bit here. 

So, the question is… 

Is there NOTHING that can help you be more on top of your game, get motivated, and attack the creative problems you need to solve to be truly successful as an entrepreneur? Do you have to rely on just some inner “intrinsic drive” to do something well? 

Not quite. 

Here’s the thing. As long as you’ve got the intrinsic drive in the first place, then there IS something you can do that will: 

1. Clear your mind of all distraction so you can be brilliant.
2. Help you do the “broad spectrum” thinking needed to solve tricky problems.
3. Motivate you to succeed massively even when the way forward isn’t clear. 
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