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Concentrate Thought on the forehead, and repeat the following:
I think my life to flow
I know my life to flow
From brain to all my body to flow.
Streaks of light do shoot
Through my tissue-root.
The flood of Life through vertebrae
Doth rush through spine in froth and spray
The little cells all are drinking
Their tiny mouths all are shining
The little cells all are drinking
Their tiny mouths all are shining.

Concentrate will* on the Medulla and on the spot between the eyebrows,

simultaneously, and repeat the following, first loudly and then gradually in
I will my life to charge
With Godly will I will it charge
Through my nerves and muscles all
My tissues, limbs and all,
With vibrant tingling fire
With burning joyous power
In blood and glands
By sovran command
I bid you flow
By my command
I bid you glow
By my command
I bid you glow.

For the Development and Right Guidance of

Reason and Cure of Dull Intelligence.
1. Read, mark and inwardly digest.
2. Reason about good things.
3. Adopt the best plan you can offer to yourself by the
exercise of reason.
4. If you read one hour, then write for two hours, and
think for three hours. This proportion should be
observed in the effort to culture reason.
5. Obey the mental laws that are given to you by God
for developing your reason.
6. If these affirmations are uttered with soul force behind
them they will develop the innate intelligence which the
modern psychologists claim is limited and incapable
of expansion.

By obeying material laws and believing them to be
controlled by a superior spiritual law, one can rise
above them and be wholly guided by them. This
transcendental superiority of spiritual laws over
material laws cannot be realized by anyone who thinks
he can overcome material laws by crudely denying their
existence and acting against them.

Concentrate beneath the skull, feeling weight of the brain
within it:

For the Development and Right Guidance of

Reason and Cure of Dull Intelligence.
In wisdom's chambers Thou dost roam
Thou art the reason in me
O Thou dost roam and wake
Each lazy little cell of brain
To receive, to receive
The good that mind and senses give
The knowledge that Thou dost give.
Myself will think,
myself will reason
I won't trouble Thee for thought
But lead Thou when reason errs
To its goal
lead it right.

Oh Father Divine,
Oh Mother Divine
Oh Master mine,
Oh Friend Divine
I came alone,
I go alone
With Thee alone,
with Thee alone
With Thee alone,
with Thee alone.
From the 1925 version of “Scientific Healing Affirmations” By Swami Yogananda
O Thou didst make a home for me
Of living cells;
a home for me.
This home of mine
is home of Thine
Thy life did make this home
Thy strength did make this home.
Thy home is perfect,
Thy home is perfect.

I am Thy child,
Thou art my Father
We both do dwell,
we both do dwell
In the temple same
In this temple of cells
O in this temple of cells.
Thou art always here
O on my throbbing altar near.

Thy Light doth shine
Thy Light doth shine.
Together, Thy Light and Darkness
Cannot stay, cannot stay.
Together, wisdom, ignorance
Cannot stay, cannot stay.
Conjure away, O lure away
The darkness away
My darkness away.

My body cells are made of light
My fleshly cells are made of Thee
They are perfect,
for Thou art perfect
They are healthy,
for Thou art health
They are spirit,
for Thou art so
They are immortal,
for Thou art living.

Psychological Success Affirmations.
I am brave, I am strong.
Perfume of success thought
Blows in me, blows in me.
I am cool, I am calm
I am sweet, I am kind
I am love, I am sympathy
I am charming and magnetic
I am pleased with all
I wipe the tears and fears of all
I have no enemy
Though some think they are so.
I am the friend of all.
I have no habits,
In eating, dressing, behaving
I am free, I am free.

Psychological Success Affirmations.

I command Thee,

O Attention
To come and practice concentration
On things I do,
on works I do.
I can do everything
When so I think,
when so I think.

“Scientific Healing Affirmations”


Swami Yogananda
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