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The power is in your passion and values, not your cheque book. An example of living his passionn, the son of billionaire Warren Buffett tells how to raise successful kids.
Don’t spoil them!
Musician and now author Peter Buffett claims he became a "normal, happy" person instead of a spoiled instead of a spoiled rich kid because he has valuies andself respect.
"I am my own person and I know what I have accomplished in my life," he said. "This isn't about wealth or fame or money or any of that stuff, it is actually about values and what you enjoy and finding something you love doing."
Bufferts kids could be upset their dad gave billions away rather than give it to them –but they know there is somehing even more important.
It’s inspiring to see thwe son of one of the worlds richest men speak of following your passions.
Being born with a silver spooncan result in sense of entitlement and a lack of personal achievement that dad, Warren Buffett called a "silver dagger in your back,"
Dad may headsBerkshire Hathaway, consistently ranks on the Forbes List of the world's richest people and bcalled investing s "Oracle of Omaha"but he is the son of a man who gave billions to charity and not his kids.
"I was not only not handed everything as a kid, I was shown that there are lots of other people out there with very different circumstances," he said.
"Entitlement is the worst thing ever and I see entitlement coming in many guises," he said. "Anybody who acts like they deserve something 'just because' is a disaster."
What matters is self-respect and pursuing one's own passions and accomplishments rather than buying into society's concepts of material wealth.
Given gave him $90,000 in stock when he was 19, after studing at Stanford he lived in a a studio apartment with just enough room for his musical instruments
"I was really searching," he said, adding that he began his musical career by working for free writing music for a local television station.
"I was kind of lost, but trying to find myself. It was definitely this strange period where I didn't really know where I was going," he said.
As he grew older, the financial world "was not speaking to my heart."
Toring for his recently released new book, "Life is What You Make it: Finding Your Own Path to Fulfillment", is as creative as his music.
"Concert & Conversation" tour in which he plays the piano, talks about his life and warns against consumerist culture and damaging the environment
What if we taught our children to pursue their passion with the technical skill of a Warren Buffet and the expressive flair of hois son?
Will you take up the challenge – or force them off to medical school against their will?
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