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New Age thought preaches that you can manifest your desires by aligning with the universe. Alignment, it is claimed, occurs when we are in gratitude and have dissolved resistances that block out receiving from the altruistic intelligence governing the world.
Whether you attribute the success of Edison, Ford and others to a quantum recreation of reality by thought, or the consequence of action guided by focused intention, they acted on the belief of a reality beyond them.
Yet as “The Secret” reminds us, you can trace its ideas back to Babylon. Infact, they are found universally, not just Mesopotamia.
After meeting with Kabbalist Michael Laitman, quantum physicist, Fred Alan Wolf said that there is something about the way of thinking in Kabbalah that can improve anything by removing from the shackles of preconceived thought.
Quantum physics teaches the idea that at sub-nuclear reality we are literally one. Everything depends on the one who perceives it.
In the same way Kabbalah argues that if you learn about our true situation, you can then I can draw on the divine intelligence and begin to perceive a greater reality. Just as defocusing your eyes allows you discover a 3 dimensional image hidden in flat stereogra, your desire to see beyond your limited viewpoint focuses your attributes in such a way that you begin to see into the fabric of matter. This allows you to experience our interconnection.

The Laws of the Universe are the same in the physical spiritual and psychological worlds and transcend religious dogma. Although it is probable, that the majority of serious exponents follow Jewish religious practice because all the protocols of Jewish life are intended to help in revealing the spark of the divine that resides in all things.
The idea of universal oneness is found in many faiths, for example Hinduism. Of course there are differences. Eastern religion speaks of an infinite past and an infinite number of souls. Kabbalah describes an infinite God creating a finite number of souls that bought to the earth multiply to become many.
Many Eastern religions discourage eating animals as they too have a soul. Kabbalah recognizes that even plants have souls and so since it is impossible not to kill to eat, you elevate eating to the level of the sacred by saying a blessing.
Before descending into the body, Kabbalah claims the soul was nourished by G-d’s presence. In the earthly realm, the soul is now nourished the radiance of gods glory spread throughout creation.
The "sparks of holiness" are unlocked and nourishes the soul when eastern in an appropriate way. For a Jew, that means eating kosher food and saying a bracha, or blessing. The meal is then elevated from being a routine culinary pit stop to a gourmet spiritual experience. It depends on what Kabbalist’s call kavannah, or intention. The intense focus and realization one has as they raise their thoughts beyond this realm in humble appreciation.
We elevate ourselves from acting as animal souls to the level of a human being conscious of his spiritual reality.
When beginning a blessing, a person recites a blessing he begins Baruch Ata Ado-noy “Blessed are you, Lord.” But how can we bless the very divinity that is in the very breath we use to utter the blessing?
According to Rabbi’s we are proclaiming “You, God, are the Source of all blessing."
The word for blessing, bracha, is related to the word berech, meaning ‘knee’ suggestive of bending your knees in thanks. It also relates to the word breicha, meaning ‘wellspring’ By saying the bracha you open a wellspring of blessing that that can abundantly flow from the Divine.
Kabbalist’s even argue that the Torah begins with the word bereshit, in the beginning, is because in founding the universe He intended it as a blessing. Everything is tied to the oneness of G-d.
Another concept taught by new age success practitioners is the principle of releasing our blocks or resistances.
Jewish prayer has that very intent as one ends the day with an accounting of the soul, or Cheshbon Hanefesh. What did I do right? What did I do wrong? What could I improve? Did I hurt anyone? How may I have acted thoughtlessly, or unconsciously? Did I live up to my ethical standards? What will be my ethical intentions tomorrow?
With the aid of a prayer a person lets go of the ties that bind us to our errors and can begin again revealing the spark of the divine within creation.
The day then ends reflecting on the oneness of the universe. The Shema, the declaration of faith in the oneness of G-d is recited: ‘Shema Yisrael, Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai Echad ’, Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is One.
This is more than a declaration of a monotheistic divinity. It is a declaration that G-d is in all and transcends all. He is not infinite, for infinite implies he cannot be finite. However he can be both. G-d is trans-infinite; transcending all labels, and is in every blade of grass and in everything we do.
God is waiting for us to align our intention to his so that we can experience connectedness like two lovers sitting across from each other in a room.
In Kabbalah, the creator, whether described in religious or scientific terms, is the same distance from all men. Just as two people sitting in a room can be the same distance aprt and yet bound in intimate sharing or aloof separation, so too man and G-d.
By a process of spiritual refinement we can appreciate our oneness with the universal laws that guide ever level of existence.
So is Kabbalah just another form of New Age magical thinking? No. A Kabbalist must prove to herself what she experiences and assess its validity.
It is not theory. You must prove or reject it for yourself.

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