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Got An 'Angelina' Pout? Then Marriage Is Out
Research reveals your lips can forecast your relationship destiny

Do you have a 'promiscuous pout'? Maybe your mouth screams commitment without you even realising? Eyes may be the window to the soul, but research by Blistex, the lip guardian angels, has found lips are actually the best indicators for predicting a person's love potential.

The study found that:

Women with fuller lips are 28% more likely to be seen as just a fun date rather than marriage material
Men with thinner lips are 39% more likely to have a longer lasting relationship than men with full lips
Whilst women with thinner lips are 57% more likely to have longer relationships than women with fuller lips
88% of happy couples chose long-term partners with lips that mirrored their own
Men with fuller lips were 21.6% more likely to be rated as healthier
Women with fuller lips were 37.6% more likely to be rated as healthy
Adrian White from the University of Leicester explains,

"The finding shows that we are attracted to celebrities that have fuller and wider lips than our partners; we deem them to be more attractive. However, our relationships tend to last less time with people who have lips that are closer to our ideal. In other words, we find fuller lips more attractive but our relationships tend to last longer with people who have similar lips to our own."

"Blistex has always known how expressive lips can be, but this research proves how important taking care of your pout really is. A healthy and kissable smile really can determine whether you're set for some hot lip fun, or on the road to long term commitment," said Nick Lang, Blistex Brand Manager.

What your lips can tell you about yourself:

Large mouth:

Laid back, relaxed, easy, generous, enjoys being in the middle of life Famous examples: Julia Roberts, Jamie Oliver, Joanna Lumbley

Small mouth:

Independent, strong-willed, precise, great endurance and fighting-spirit Famous examples: Rowan Atkinson, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan

Full lips:

Emotional, passionate, sensual, expressive, talkative & outgoing Famous examples: Naomi Camphell, Richard Branson, Muhammed Ali

Thin lips:

Efficient, make clear and precise statements, achieving, disciplined, get on with life without fuss Famous examples: George W Bush, John Major, Robbie Williams

Blistex has taken some of our favourite celebrities and analysed their lips to see if their love will last or pass.


These two both have small to medium sized mouths with full lips. This lip shape indicates an interest in relationships and family, and a caring streak. Their matching mouths mean they are the perfect match and their love will stand the test of time if they settle down together.


Whilst this pair have similar lip size and fullness, their mouth shapes are different. Chantelle's indicates that she is emotional and outgoing, but perhaps self-centred. Preston's mouth shows refinement and elegance but appears hollow. We predict this combination may result in neediness or desperation on one side of the relationship that may be hard to overcome.


Cheryl's small mouth and full lips combined with Ashley's large mouth and full lips is a passionate combination. Cheryl's lips show she is strong-willed and sensual, Ashley's indicate an expressive and emotional man with expensive tastes. This pair's love will grow deeper over time as they support each other.


Wayne's small mouth and thin lips show he is independent and strong-willed, but guarded. Colleen's medium mouth and fuller lips indicate a sensitive soul with hidden strengths. Together this pairing will face many hurdles and communication could be a problem.

And what about those single celebrities? Can they expect to find lasting love this year?


Geri's small mouth and medium sized lips indicate a driven, ambitious and out-going person who is worldy-wise. These lips also show someone who is very needy and can try too hard, thereby scaring off potential suitors. People with these lips often stay single for longer and settle down much later in life once they mellow with age. It appears Geri is destined to stay single for sometime yet.


Robbie has a medium sized mouth with very thin lips that scream achievement but do not show any hint of joy. This is a man who is extremely un-approachable. Even those that think they know him, don't. Thin-lipped people are good at putting on a public face and often harbour deep secrets. Until he reveals a bit more of the true Robbie, he'll not find real love.


Denise's small mouth and full lips mean she is emotional, passionate and sensual. She is prone to whirlwind romances that often burn out once the passion is gone. However this lip shape also indicates optimism and courage, she doesn't find it hard to meet new people. Maybe her Prince Charming is just around the corner!

The results are based on 2500 ratings of women's faces by men, and 2500 ratings of men's faces by women originally conducted by Adrian White, University of Leicester, in July 2006
University of Leicester Press Release

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