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Can you change your destiny? Besides the regular physiological genes in us, there are also informational genes. These informational genes emerge in us consecutively, in much the same way a computer behaves where at each given moment a new task is being resolved. I am the one who is in command of how to realize each new state that emerges in order to reach unity and balance with Nature.

If I am ready for this, and if I desire to realize my spiritual gene correctly and in the right direction, then there is no need for me to be hit by a car. I’ll be able to do this by performing some minor good act. However, when I start to deviate from this goal, thinking that I am doing well, but in fact I am not familiar with the real law and Nature’s true direction, then I immediately fall under the influence of a negative corrective force. It comes to me in the form of suffering and corrects me.

This is why we need to know the direction of Nature’s plan and follow it. Humanity’s main problem is that each person thinks s/he knows how to live and behave, and suppresses everyone accordingly. As a result, we only do harm to ourselves and to one another. We have evolved to a level where we are all completely interconnected and united, and this interconnectedness must be taken into consideration.

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