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Imagine I handed you a 1 million dollar cheque. The problem is the cheque is post dated for 90 days with an attached note:
“You must act out perfectly the following script in 90 days– or the cheque will bounce.”
Chances are you would begin rehearsal immediately, learning your lines and becoming the character.
What if the character required you to be of the opposite sex, perhaps you had to dye your hair or talk with an accent you found hard to pull off.
What if the character had values you are uncomfortable with? By thirty days you will have overcxome your hang-ups, 60 you will have the role down pat and by 90 it will be part of your unconscious core competencies.
Everyone of us is faced with a similar challenge when we try to try to manifest our future life.
Our external reality mirrors our inner world.
The results in our lives are the sum of our past thoughts, feelings about our thoughts and actions, says john Assaraf.
R = T + F+ A
The neural processes behind our unconscious mind account for 83% of the brains weight and conscious thought is only 2-4% of thinking according to some estimates.
Yet to succeed we must take ownership of our brain recognize where we lack competency and develop a conscious grasp of needed skills.
With practice these skills can become automatic, unconscious like a professional singer or athlete.
This requires we very clearly define our overarching vision and determine what beliefs and values will support it.
Just as you can become a character by acting out a role with emotion and practice, you can change your values in 30 to 180 days depending on your outcome. Sadly some people plan a week for things needing months then give up and try something simple and drag it out for 6 months!
Just as a living thing has a period of gestation, so does your beliefs. Thoughts, like seeds, draw on their environment to grow. To bring our beliefs to birth, we must feed these beliefs, and act on them if we are to enjoy the rewards of compensation.
To help we can use:

  1. Affirmation with emotion repetition and right word patterns
  2. Being held accountable for 30- 180 days
  3. Visualize the new outcome habit belief
However, you probably feel a bit like a phony, faking out new beliefs, just like you would feel first rehearsing your million dollar staring role.
Our implicit memory system and the reticular activating system have starring roles in our unconscious inhibitions and our potential for success.
Secondly, rats that have never been exposed to curved lines can only see straight lines, and rats exposed to curves only cannot see straight lines.
Our brain, based on experience, gives meaning to what we see, and can reject or distort unthreatening items to make them fit previous beliefs.
As a former epileptic heravily sedated, I know how my brain formerly took time to process things, in the intervening period I often misinterpreted and incorrectly ‘saw’ events before my brain processed my senses.
Kabbalah expressed this idea long before modern science, arguing our perceptions depended on experiential memory or reshimot. Similar ideas are also found in Hindu and Buddhist psychology.
Lets plan the next 90 days

Step 1: Clarify You Goals
The exercise suggested comes from john Assaraf’s “Having It All: Achieving Your Lifes Goals and Dreams” available at Amazon which has forms designed for these exercises.
You need to be ABSOLUTLY CLEAR about what you want, and when, in all areas of your life:
1. Emotional Health
2. Physical Health
3. Spiritual Health

Career Goals
1. Financial Career Goals
2. Non Financial Career Goals

Including family, friends, spouse or partner.

Financial Goals
These could include your net worth, and how much you want to be able to give to charity.

Step 2 What Beliefs support my goals?
John Assaraf recommends the following format for your affirmations:
I am so grateful for the fact that I ………………. (am earning $3000 a week).
He emphasizes reciting these affirmations with feelings, eyes closed. Get into the moment, become your character as if acting out your million dollar role.
Visualize your outcome
Infact, you could submerge steps two and three and act out your vision live it, feel it, like a thespian who submerged in method acting becomes his character at every moment possible.
Step 3 Action
For each of your goals write out the following action list:

Actions I Can Do:
• Today
• Tomorrow
• The Next Day
• Next Week

Work on, and revise your list daily, and get going toward your success.
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