Brian Sullivan

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Originally, we were created as interconnected social beings and we cannot avoid this fact. Yet, the world we created is so uncomfortable, and it suppresses us so severely, that people are eager to run away from it.

However, when we run away from society, we begin to feel that we have no choice but to be in contact with it. So how can we find balance between these two poles? This situation in particular is what pushes a person to the next level of one’s existence. On that level we obtain knowledge on how to connect with others while keeping our individual uniqueness, and as such, the world becomes comfortable for us to live in.

This is what we need to learn: how to keep our ego and rise above it in order to connect with others. It doesn’t mean that the ego is suppressed in any way; we discover how to use our egoism correctly. Without losing inner freedom, a person rises above his/her ego and connects with everyone else. Together, they then make up one whole.

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